New partner Micron Eagle Hydraulics to Integrate Industrial Functional Fluid Monitoring

Micron Eagle Hydraulics Ltd., is a leading provider of hydraulic systems, components, repairs, and fluid conditioning in the UK. Through this collaboration, Micron Eagle has integrated Distence Ltd. remote monitoring platform with its innovative “Fluid Fitness Technology”. Leveraging the core capabilities of the platform allows Micron Eagle to Read more…

Coe the reliability assistant: The Future of Prescriptive Maintenance

Prioritize machinery that genuinely demands attention. As data sets grow, their complexity often leads to confusion and inefficiencies. Access topertinent, comprehensible, and actionable detail is a significant challenge. Enter Coe, thedigital co-engineer from Distence, the creators of, that’s here to revolutionizeprescriptive maintenance. By focusing on rotating machinery – a Read more…

The evolution of condition monitoring and its impact on industry hiring

Organizations’ need to monitor the condition of their manufacturing and process machines has existed for decades. Still, while technological advances have driven other industries rapidly forward, machine condition monitoring hasn’t evolved at the same speed. However, remote condition monitoring presents a new opportunity for both the industry and workforce to Read more…

Don’t just fix it: tracking machine failure patterns to avoid downtime

How would you describe your company’s current approach to machine maintenance?
Perhaps you’re primarily focused on scheduled maintenance for your most expensive
machinery to avoid costly unplanned downtime. While this is an essential part of
keeping your facility up and running, it’s also important to be aware of your equipment’s
failure patterns and the real-time status of parts like pumps and bearings.