Condence_Logo_Chameleon_Orange_originalMaximise machine health and customer satisfaction
by partnering up with Condence



Collaboration via value add partners. We are more than a tech vendor.



Proven technology under your brand for remote services on a global scale.



Improve customer satisfaction and relationships with continuous services.


We are more than a tech vendor. We believe in collaboration and want you to succeed with our technology. Our success is built on our partners success. Typical Condence partners are service providers and machine manufacturers offering aftermarket services.

Condence technology enables our partners build new services and increase the value and effectiveness of existing services. We help you reach a higher ROI from assets.

Proven technology

We provide the technology for you to have a closer relationship and understanding of your customer. Our expertise in the technology comes from developing solutions for global industry giants for the past 15 years. This expertise is now available for our partners.

Partner specialists can access asset health and condition information remotely, use a wide range of prescripitive functions as well as utilise anomaly detection and forecasting tools to recommend better actions.

Customer intimacy

Increasing demands from customers, cost and resource efficiency requirements and competition can be answered with new service models. Condence technology offers tools for this: better planning, the ability to be ahead of the game, and more value to the customer.

Our customers report an increase in customer retention, higher sales, better allocation of resources and increased reliability of assets.


Niklas Tillbrandt, Kraft Powercon​
Global Product Manager

"The ability to select time intervals, either real-time or anything over the past two years, gives us a good overview for example of long-term changes in production. By proactively monitoring our different processes, we can prevent any malfunctions and increase the product lifetime and prioritize maintenance of the rectifiers. Our professional service engineers can simultaneously provide tips and service advice and keep a watchful eye on the rectifiers."


Petteri Särkiniemi, Flowplus​

"Collaboration with Condence has provided us new business opportunities. Our Flowdicator service concept utilize Condence technology and we are able to create value add services to our customers."

Danfoss logo, grey

Georg Herborg, Danfoss​
Research Director

"Cooperation with Distence started already in 2018, and we are now in the process of evaluating the condition monitoring technology on a global scale. We are convinced of the potential of Condence and applying this kind of technology, and we are keen to develop our concepts and solutions further."


Martin Elm, Sverull​

"We have evaluated multiple solution alternatives to build our remote services on. The Distence business model and technology gives us the optimal combination. We are very pleased with the performance of the Distence team and the technical capabilities technology offers."

We provide sensor agnostic hardware for demanding industrial use.

Solutions range from easy to deploy wireless sensors to highly advanced application specific productised solutions with high frequency data acquisition and analytics.


Analytics & tools for servicess are built-in. Sensor data analyses include e.g. vibration analysis in timedomain and spectrum with RPM scaling.

In cloud analysis like trending, multi variable metric are added and combined with anomaly detection. For prescriptive service many detection tools and decision support, e.g. forecasts, are available.


Erik Mosselaar

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Janne-Pekka Karttunen

Phone: +358 400 938 267

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