Oil condition monitoring


Oil condition monitoring with Condence

When considering condition monitoring of industrial machinery, oil is too valuable health parameter to be ignored. In many cases oil is the lifeblood of engines and machinery carrying lots of valuable health data in it. With Condence solution this health data is collected from the oil line continuously and is available 24/7.

Bringing new technology into the equation enables real-time online monitoring of oil and the possible changes in it. With Condence oil monitoring solution you can monitor several different metrics of oil constantly instead of snapshotting scheduled samples. You can also set alarms to and get notified if there are changes in the oil.

When assessing machine health via oil monitoring there are two main categories to focus on. The condition of oil itself and the possible contamination particles in the oil. With Condence you can monitor both of these key parameters or combine oil monitoring with other methods like vibration analysis.

Oil Condition

Since the quality of oil is directly affecting engine and machinery performance, efficiency and maintenance costs, its condition must be closely and consistently monitored to protect the investment.

Lubricating oils can damage the machine if they are not replaced frequently enough, the levels can become too low or the oils can degrade in quality to the point where they are no longer performing their intended function as a lubricant. With Condence oil monitoring solution you can monitor several different metrics of oil constantly instead of snapshotting scheduled samples.

For example, the presence of water in the oil is extremely harmful for the oil itself not to mention the machine. Condensation, leaks in the cooler or the use of wrong type of oil are the usual root causes for water getting into the oil. Water causes corrosion, oxidation and weakened lubrication quality of the oil leading into metal to metal contact.

Oil Contamination

In addition to oil condition degradation, the oil can easily become contaminated by dirt, dust, grit or particles caused by the wearing down of internal parts. Certain types of abnormal particles found within the oil can indicate any number of potential problems.

Metal particles in the oil signifies that parts within the machine are beginning to wear down. As they rub against one another and slowly degrade, parts such as bearings, gears, cylinders shred these particles into the lubricating oil. By analysing which particles are present and in what concentrations, monitoring devices can accurately pinpoint which parts of the machine are failing and what type of failure is occurring or about to occur.

The presence of dirt, dust or grit can mean that the machine has become dirty and requires a thorough cleaning and replacement of lubricating oil. These particles can also potentially be a sign of larger problems, such as a crack or break in the machine casing allowing the entrance of harmful particles from the surrounding environment.

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