In The Cloud And On The Edge

Condence software combines both embedded analytics and a cloud service. Condence software portfolio can be described as a toolbox or library of different analytical options.

Condence software is divided into two areas which are the cloud and the embedded edge (edge computing & analytics on hardware). Data is analysed on the local level and only the relevant part of it is sent to the cloud.

Edge computing analysis requires a set of rules to define measurement from the sensor and to understand the data by making data computations. To make this scalable, Condence provides device management from the cloud and analysis at the edge.

Managing and optimizing data connectivity is also a relevant benefit in this approach. In some cases, even raw data might be needed from the vibration sensor. A user can get it when needed to be analysed in the Condence cloud portal.

Condence cloud offers a variety of widgets and tools for visualising and post-processing the gathered data. Data can be stored in the cloud or sent to a third party cloud enabling a “system of systems” architecture.

As Condence hardware and software is our own design, we have a unique benefit of optimizing the performance and we can provide an optimal solution for a variety of applications.

Condence has been built for industrial use, and therefore vital aspects like scalability, flexibility, and security have been taken into account. Condence is a future proof solution, built to last for a decade, or more.

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Check out about Condence smart terminals which are co-processing the raw data on the edge.


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