Condence Easy – Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kit is created to achieve first hand experience on Condence system. Condence Easy deliver this in a feasible way. We will be in contact and confirm details for delivery.

Condence Easy has been developed as a fast-to-deploy and affordable solution with wireless vibration and temperature sensors. The optimal use case includes machines that are subject to manual inspections for general vibration levels or ones currently outside an inspection routine.


Technical data


  • Support for wireless mesh type sensors
  • 3-axis 10-1000hz vibration + temperature
  • 3 axis 10-1000hz or
  • 3 axis 10-6000hz or
  • 3 axis 10-6000hz EX


  • RMS, velocity (mm/s)
  • Kurtosis
  • Peak to peak, velocity (mm/s)
  • Zero to peak, velocity (mm/s)

Optional timewaveform for manual analysis


  • 4G/3G


Order Form

The Condence Trial Package includes:

  • Gateway, connectivity by LAN/GSM/ Wifi
  • 2 wireless sensors
  • Power supply
  • On-line training and setup, 60 min
  • Technical support
  • License for the Condence Platform for 12 months, including access to all state of the art analytical features
  • The package also includes mounting supplies for magnet, nut or epoxy glue installation.


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