Lifeline connects past, present and future

Making monitoring of industrial machinery easy and providing detection of anomalies is at the core of what Condence delivers. The new Lifeline-tool is a direct continuation of this mission. Lifeline is visualisation tool to simplify the use of multiple other features released earlier. With Lifeline, you can clearly see the

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Driving Evolution for Preventative Maintenance

The future of preventative maintenance is driven by digitalization. Companies are adopting
new strategies and modern technologies which assists them in increasing reliability in the
underlying assets and processes as well as drives efficiency in the maintenance organization.

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The industry bias against online condition monitoring

Modern condition monitoring opens new opportunities to optimise how and when we use skilled resources onsite. The ability to efficiently monitor an entire fleet of machines in real-time rather than manually checking them on a monthly or quarterly schedule can change a manufacturer’s entire maintenance process – for the better.

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