Micron Eagle Hydraulics Ltd., is a leading provider of hydraulic systems, components, repairs, and fluid conditioning in the UK. Through this collaboration, Micron Eagle has integrated Distence Ltd. Condence.io remote monitoring platform with its innovative “Fluid Fitness Technology”.

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Leveraging the core capabilities of the Condence.io platform allows Micron Eagle to empower businesses by providing real-time, actionable data on fluid health. This aligns with Micron Eagle’s mission to redefine hydraulic fluid management. The Condence platform was tailored to the Micron Eagle “Fluid Fitness Technology” concept for proactive fluid maintenance.

With over three decades of experience operating in the hydraulic industry, Micron Eagle is an ideal partner to determine the value of real time fluid data. In turn, Micron Eagle can now provide clients with live insights into hydraulic fluid condition through the integration.

Henry Nagel, Micron Eagle: “We identified a clear need in the market – proper interpretation and integration of fluid data. Our new “Fluid Fitness Technology” aims to address this challenge through automation. Rather than manual data entry, the system enables fluid sensor insights to seamlessly upload to existing maintenance platforms. This approach reduces the guesswork often associated with gauging fluid health.”

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The newly developed “Fluid Fitness Technology” leverages Condence.io to deliver live and historical industrial fluid health information. This provides Micron Eagle’s clients with the data needed for early fluid degradation detection and allows informed maintenance planning.

Erik Mosselaar, Distence: “In a conscious world that calls out for sustainability, and in a market where industrial fluids are more and more seen as assets rather than consumables, there is a need to influence on the reliability and stretch the useful lifetime of these assets. It is increasingly important to find the balance between maximum responsible usage and the optimal time to filter and clean, repurpose, or recycle fluids. Micron Eagle’s Fluid Fitness Technology aids in finding the optimal time to act and scheduling this in your own time.”

Both Distence and Micron Eagle aim to promote a more proactive analytics-based approach to managing hydraulic systems. This partnership demonstrates the power of Condence’s capabilities when applied by a trusted industry leader like Micron Eagle.

About Distence and Condence.io

Distence’s Condence.io is at the cutting edge of remote monitoring technology for machine fleets, empowering businesses with actionable real-time insights and automated analytics. Its solutions are designed to drive operational efficiency and extend the lifespan of industrial assets.

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