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Introducing Condence

Condence is shaking the very foundations of conventional condition monitoring. Condition monitoring of industrial assets has been a manual on-site task for several decades. It has been automated to some extent, but many of the methods still require on-site activities and manual tasks to achieve relevant level of accuracy. This is where Condence takes it to the next level.

Condence not only removes the need of local presence, but instead of scheduled condition snapshots, it collects, stores and analyses the condition data constantly.

An edge computing solution that constantly monitors the assets on-site, co-processor technology that processes the data on the edge and sends only the relevant data to the cloud.

Condence changes the equation as a solution which is not only equipped with high technical capabilities and agility, but it is still cost efficient. Condence is a remote online condition monitoring system which combines on-site accuracy and cloud scalability to form a unique combination of efficient data processing.

Changing The Equation

There are several options to execute maintenance strategies that all have their advantages and limitations. By overreaching a proactive strategy, organisations end up upkeeping assets excessively and costly.

Or on the contrary, executing a reactive “Run to break” strategy and having to accept the risk of downtime and higher repair costs. The optimal maintenance strategy is somewhere between the two.

Condence and predictive maintenance focuses on monitoring and collecting the actual condition and performance data of the asset. And by understanding the data to detect possible pre-fault symptoms to schedule and perform maintenance only when it isnecessary yet convenient to do so.

Condence detaches condition monitoring from time and place and offers accurate real-time data constantly. Condence in not just a new tool for maintenance organizations. It brings the advantage to redefine maintenance strategies from a completely new perspective.

Condence makes it possible to seize one of the most important business optimization opportunities that are available in the Industrial IoT space.

This is how Condence changes the equation.

Can you afford not to harness the benefits of Condence?

CMT Solutions

New partner for Condence – CMT Solutions

CMT Solutions Oy have agreed to partner up with Distence to provide professional services on Condence platform. Services may include remote inspections and analysis, consultation and installation services as well as other condition monitoring related knowhow.

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Prevent breaking technology, combining industrial purpose-built hardware and a could platform.


We´d be happy to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.