Prioritize machinery that genuinely demands attention.

As data sets grow, their complexity often leads to confusion and inefficiencies. Access to
pertinent, comprehensible, and actionable detail is a significant challenge. Enter Coe, the
digital co-engineer from Distence, the creators of, that’s here to revolutionize
prescriptive maintenance. By focusing on rotating machinery – a staple in countless
industries – Coe offers clarity in the sea of data.

Coe - Condence CoEngineer

Simplified, Effective, and Robust Maintenance

At its core, Coe exists to make data measurements effortless and more comprehensible.
With its unique ability to handle a diverse range of rotating machinery like fans, pumps,
gearboxes, and bearings, Coe seamlessly translates complex data into Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs). The result? Reliability engineers can prioritize machinery that genuinely
demands attention, facilitating clear communication with reliability team. For maintenance
management, this translates into tangible benefits: cost reduction, streamlined repair
planning, and an overall boost in staff productivity.

Harnessing the Power of Condence

Built upon a foundation of advanced capabilities, Coe isn’t just a tool – it’s a co-
engineer, a reliability assistant. It takes the timewave form signal and processes it through
specialized algorithms, converting the results into KPIs that signal potential issues in rotating
machinery. These KPIs are visually represented in the user interface for easy accessibility
and stored for future use.

The intelligence of Coe doesn’t stop at detection. It learns and recognizes the standard
variations, setting itself apart when it detects anomalies. Based on the magnitude of these
deviations, Coe provides suggestions on potential problems, allowing users to confirm their
observations through KPI trends and timewave data samples.

A Multifaceted Diagnostic Tool

From lubrication or greasing issues to the more severe mechanical challenges like
misalignment, Coe provides a comprehensive analysis. Its KPI-trends span five categories,
ensuring an in-depth and accurate insight into the health of rotating machinery. Whether
it’s the early stages of an emerging issue or the progression towards a critical symptom, Coe
is equipped to highlight it.

During the development users experienced the historical suggestions and highly valuable
notes from the past that provided clues for root cause analysis and interest points in the
past to analyze manually. Manual analysis and root causes made by the experts helped
organizations to improve and avoid similar failures in the future.

Real-life Proof of Coe’s Impact

One company’s experience with Coe is a testament to its effectiveness. During the
development, multiple tens of real-life cases were run on the analysis pipeline to test the
efficiency against human professionals’ actions. The system flagged potential problems
based on its analyses and anomaly detection 386 days before the traditional threshold and
manual monitoring could. Such foresight allowed the company to address mechanical issues
such as imbalance, looseness, and misalignment well in advance. Coe’s recommendation to
plan for service came 67 days before an analyst advised a bearing replacement. Further,
Coe’s early detection of an upcoming gear wheel issue allowed the company to take
corrective measures nearly a year in advance. The outcome was clear – considerable savings
in time, money, and potential downtime.

A Product of Expertise

Coe is not a random technological advancement. It is a brainchild of a team boasting over 15
years of expertise in system development, specifically in condition monitoring and vibration
analysis. With its efficacy confirmed through tens of real-life case studies, Coe is ready to
integrate with both wireless Condence EASY sensors and Condence ADVANCED Terminals,
ensuring versatile application without the need for RPM.

In conclusion, Coe stands as a testament to the future of prescriptive maintenance
intuitive, proactive, and supremely efficient. By making measurements simple and
actionable, Coe is set to become an invaluable ally in the maintenance world.

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Janne-Pekka Karttunen / CEO