Case study: Critical Process Fan – Detection of Imbalance

A customer with an industrial plant specializing in building materials had an issue with a critical, interruption-insured 500kW process fan. Even under normal process conditions, the fan blades kept fouling due to particles in the process air, this resulted in an imbalance. A regular cleaning routine was in place, and

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How can we improve the scheduling of recurring proactive events?

Remaining time to service – Extent Remaining useful life Machine lifetime or the remaining useful life of a device often depends on the maintenance actions made during the lifecycle of a machine. Condence time to service tool will help on allocation and optimising intervals of planned actions. There is often

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Sverull ElektroDynamo partners up with Condence

Distence Ltd is pleased to introduce Sverull ElektroDynamo, our new partner in Sweden. Sverull is one of the leading companies in Sweden for mechanical maintenance services delivering condition monitoring services as well as repairs for industrial assets, including bearings, pumps and gearboxes. Sverull offers services from 10 locations around Sweden.

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