Making monitoring of industrial machinery easy and providing detection of anomalies is at the core of what Condence delivers. The new Lifeline-tool is a direct continuation of this mission.

Lifeline is visualisation tool to simplify the use of multiple other features released earlier. With Lifeline, you can clearly see the key points of your device’s upcoming events, most recent events and full event history. The Lifeline feature provides a clear and informative view of machine history and predicted future in one time-line view for situational evaluation, decision-making support and maintenance planning.

Lifeline combines the information from the past, present and future. The observation we’ve made when working with our customers is that navigation between alarm records and other past events is tough to start with. Putting together information from the current status and evaluating it against the predictions for the future is significantly more challenging, not to mention time consuming. This is what Lifeline simplifies.

The Lifeline shows you, using algorithms based on usage and the condition of the machine, when in the future you are most likely to reach e.g. alarm levels. It also provides easy navigation into the event history to inspect all the previous events, alarms and notes regarding the machine. As its name says, the Lifeline feature is the Lifeline of your machine.

Lifeline is a single view to past, present and the future of your asset.

The most valuable part of Lifeline is the view into the future and the help it offers to increase asset reliability. The forward looking content in Lifeline consists of events generated by Condence. These events are based on on-line measurements and the subsequent predicted events and calculations. You might see an event and ponder why the event was generated and how it was calculated. Every event can be opened and inspected in more depth, so you may verify the calculations every time an event has appeared.

One of the most remarkable features of the Lifeline is the visual illustration of the events. While all the information stated above is inspectable beforehand, Lifeline makes it more accessible. By quickly glancing over the Lifeline, you can get a grasp of the events coming up and easily see what they are based on. The visual presentation saves you time as you may check the condition of your device, drill down if necessary, and move on to other devices. If an event is coming, you can make necessary preparations before the incident occurs, increase reliability and save cost by planning rather than reacting.

Lifeline combines the existing historical events and alarms as well as future events like time to service (RUL) events. Lifeline combines the information from past present and future. The next release is to predict points of interest in machine health (e.g. when the alarm level is expected to be reached in the future). This is something we will release soon.

Please follow us to keep up to date. Are you interested in the Lifeline or what Condence can do for you? We would like to tell more and elaborate on various use cases. Please book a demo or send a message, and we’ll explain what Condence can offer in more detail.


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