Installation in challenging environments around the globe is something Condence is well known for. The last continent Condence is not currently installed is Antarctica. Condence Easy, Basic and Advanced have now a new family member in Condence Furry.


Condence research and development team has worked for several months to overcome the challenge of extreme temperatures in Antarctica. After final field test evaluation and theoretical studies, a solution has been found.

Release of Condence Furry. Furry-cover was selected due it can store and release the heat naturally. Heat is naturally developed in the edge computing terminal. It is also made from material that is durable and environmentally friendly. The furry cover can be washed, and it is fully recyclable.

First deliveries have been agreed and full-scale production is being ramped up. First deliveries are made at 1.4.2021. Standard deliveries start at end of May. The plan is to release an option for a terminal already installed on the field after summer 2021.

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