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Monitoring of trends and connecting these with alarm thresholds have been the industry standard for many years. Threshold monitoring, however, has trade-off’s when dealing with long term predictions. A lot of or custom configuration work. Potential for false-positive alarms. Or the need to have skilled personnel to perform manual inspections.

To simplify the asset management challenge, we have introduced the Trend Revealer. With the Trend Revealer tool, one can unveil the weak trends which otherwise could go unnoticed by the eyes of the human analyst. When trends are spotted early on, there is time to make repairs on your terms instead of on failures terms. Or in the best case, remove the underlying cause of the failure altogether.

Trend Revelaer investigates the metrics frequently and spots the changes in the short and long term trends and visually presents this information. The feature will make it easier to spot relative changes in values pointing to random failures which are not commonly monitored, for example, with threshold alarms. Trend Revealer does this without specifically configuring alarms or limits for individual metrics.


Condence Trend Revealer works with any of the trend metrics possible in the system, also those that have an existing history. Trend Revealer compares short, medium and long term moving averages to the most recent results to find which values and KPI’s are changing the most over time.

Operation of any industrial plant is a complex process, and it is dependent on keeping the equipment running. Regardless of the importance of the asset condition, the task of monitoring the condition of the critical assets is often a manual task. Even when the actual data collection is automized, human errors can occur, and failures can go unnoticed, leading to downtime and production losses. Trend Revealer simplifies the monitoring task of a large volume of metrics without preconfigured alarm limits or thresholds.

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