Digitalised condition monitoring - future of preventive maintenance.

The future of preventative maintenance is driven by digitalization. Companies are adopting new strategies and modern technologies which assists them in increasing reliability in the underlying assets and processes as well as drives efficiency in the maintenance organization. In these organizations, maintenance professionals are freed from doing trivial measurements to applying their knowledge in more demanding and creative tasks. These
organizations are data driven and predictive rather than manual and reactive.

The efficiencies and the fruit of the investment in digitalization is easy to prove with financial calculations in the form of cost savings and reliability. It gives access to many data driven benefits, such as standardized history, correlations, statistically valid measurements, continuity and deep data analysis and data backed forecasts. All this helps in efficient asset management and planned operations contributing to cost savings and less emergencies to
react to. Modern systems also consolidate data, helping the organization to forecast more accurately and reliably and to learn and build insights.

In this article by Janne-Pekka Karttunen, published in Maintworld 2/2022, we open up the
future of Preventative Maintenance and why it is hitting the mainstream.


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