Simplicity makes systems and software more usable. Yet-another-screen-to-stare at is a real hindrance to full utilisation of various systems. After observing the market, we have learned that there is a need to improve co-existence of multiple systems.

By letting Condence create service tickets automatically in your CMMS, integration simplifies monitoring and task management. With automatic service tickets, you can manage the condition monitoring triggered maintenance tasks in the same system you already use for the daily tasks.

All messages above the selected trigger level create automatic work orders in the customer’s maintenance system. The levels and phenomena that need to be monitored can be configured by the customer in Condence. Common action from these notifications is an online inspection of the collected data, using the various tools in the Condence solution to verify if there is a need to make a physical check or action to the asset.

The feature released is a generic standard implementation regarding message structures and delivery protocol. The Automatic Service Ticketing API is plugin-based making it efficient to adapt to support new systems as long as there is the capability to receive such messages in the target system.

Condition-based maintenance doesn’t stop in only monitoring the assets. One also needs to act based on the information. We have removed one possible barrier from the path from detection to action by enabling automatic work order creation based on alarms and notifications from the condition monitoring system. If you would like to hear more about how Condence can help you with your reliability journey, please book a demo or get in touch with us.

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