My name is Condis, nice to meet you. I’m a fictive character living inside Condence condition monitoring solution. My purpose is to describe what Condence solution does as I’m kind of the brains that makes it tick.

Picture of Condis Chameleon fictive character from

I’m very adaptable to different environments as we chameleons are. I’m currently monitoring industrial machinery in all continents (except Antarctica, it’s too cold for me). By machinery, I mean gears and pumps in underground mines, Wind turbines off-shore, Tower cranes in highs as well as the regular stuff like Fans and blowers in industrial plants. Business as usual.

Condence solution is where I live in, and it is made from hardware and embedded analytics, and that is my primary role today. Collecting information and analysing it to be presented in the cloud. My daily business is to automatize condition monitoring. This is also why they call me Condis.

My ambition, however, is not only to avoid the failure or downtime but to help optimize lifecycles. I want to be a life coach for industrial machines. Making them perform better, live longer, and optimize service processes.

It would be my pleasure to meet at your site and help you also. Now I need to run – There is something odd going in one of the mines at South Africa.