Are you responsible for dozens or hundreds of critical industrial assets and their condition monitoring? Condition monitoring with several sites, production lines and industrial assets is challenging for even long term professionals. 

Condence Health Profile brings more clarity into your daily work by making it more clear which devices are acting up and are in need of more attention. Allowing you to focus your resources where they are needed the most.

No matter how you divide the fleet of devices, be it by process step or equipment type or something else, it will always introduce the possibility for sub-optimal maintenance resource usage. Communication between departments can be challenging and might be further aggravated if some areas are outsourced to external partners. A situation can arise where some areas can be overworked while elsewhere time can be spent on issues not really relevant today for the plant level performance.

By improving the fleet wide visibility the Condence Health Profile gives you an additional tool to direct your actions where they matter the most.

Condence Health Profile is available on all organisational levels from department to group level. By summarising and presenting the alarm and notification events from the devices in a manner where it is possible to form a view quickly as to where the efforts of maintenance is needed the most.

The tool is divided into a handful of view points. Events by criticality over time, events by device sorted by criticality, events by device over time and finally a detailed look for a single device’s events over time.

If you would like to hear more about Condence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team or book a demo.